Byrne, Weaving, and Otto Join Australian Anthology Film THE TURNING; Sturgess and Lucas to Lead ELECTRIC SLIDE

     October 31, 2012


If you haven’t gotten enough casting news from us today, we’ve got even more.  First up, THR reports that Rose Byrne, Hugo Weaving, and Mirando Otto have joined the Australian anthology film, The Turning.  As we previously reported, the film is based off the short story collection by Tim Winton, and will feature 17 short films each from a different director.  Per THR, “All of the stories in The Turning revolve around turning points in the lives of the people of the Australian coastal town of Angelus. While the segments are separate, there are plot and thematic links between them.” Actors Cate Blanchett, Mia Wasikowska, and David Wenham are all set to make their directing debuts on the film.  There’s currently no word on who Byrne, Weaving, and Otto will play or if they’ll be in the same segment.

Hit the jump for casting news on the 80s-set caper flick Electric Slide.

jim-sturgessMyriad Pictures has announced that Jim Sturgess and Isabel Lucas will lead Electric Slide, which thankfully is not about one of the worst dances ever created.  Here’s the synopsis from the promo materials:

The film is based on a true, 1980s- story of high-living, charismatic Dodson (Sturgess), the owner of a posh Los Angeles furniture store who robbed a bank to impress his new girlfriend (Lucas).

In the 1980s, Eddie Dodson owned a high-end boutique furniture store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. He lived the Hollywood lifestyle, partying and hanging out with celebrity friends when he fell in love and took the biggest risk of his life to impress his new girlfriend – he robbed a bank.

The thrill of the initial heist was so intoxicating that Dodson robbed more than 72 banks over a period of a few months in the Los Angeles area before the FBI finally nailed him. Highly charismatic and handsome, Dodson charmed his bank teller victims into emptying their cash drawers and earned the nickname “The Gentleman Bandit.”

It certainly sounds like a fun caper along the lines of Catch Me If You Can.  While I’ve never been a huge fan of Strugess, I thought he was great in all of his Cloud Atlas storylines, and hopefully writer-director Tristan Patterson (Dragonslayer) will be able to tap into the same energy.  The film will also star Patricia Arquette, Chloë Sevigny, and Christopher Lambert.  Lucas will next be seen in the remake of Red Dawn.



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