Kaare Andrews to Direct CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO

     February 14, 2012


One of the two Cabin Fever prequels is almost ready to shoot, as director Kaare Andrews (Altitude) is in final talks to helm the project. The first prequel, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero will trace the roots of the deadly virus witnessed in the 2002 original directed by Eli Roth. The plot will follow passengers aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean as they deal with an outbreak of the virus following a collision with an abandoned research vessel. Andrews will direct from a screenplay by Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher) and filming will take place in the Dominican Republic. Hit the jump for more.

Heat Vision reported on cabin-fever-prequelAndrews directing Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. Best known for his work in the world of comics, Andrews grew up shooting Super 8 films, much like Cabin Fever-director, Roth. Andrews has previously worked on Marvel Comics’ “The Incredible Hulk,” “Ultimate X-Men” and “Spider-Man: Reign,” and is currently drawing up covers for the Ultimate line. His feature debut was the high-flying horror movie, Altitude released in 2010 by Anchor Bay. Currently, he has an entry in alphabetical horror anthology, ABC’s of Death; his entry is entitled, V is for Vagitus.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is expected to pave the way for the second prequel, Cabin Fever: Outbreak. That story, written by Adam and Deborah Marcus (Leatherface 3D), tells the story of a doctor and his family who investigate a flu outbreak on a Caribbean island. Not surprisingly, they encounter the flesh-eating virus and are tasked with preventing a global epidemic. Though the prequels are expected to shoot back-to-back, there are no reports yet as to whether or not Andrews is attached for both films.

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