Candice Accola Talks THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 5, the Mythology of the Travelers, Hitting 100 Episodes, This Season’s Finale, and More

     March 27, 2014


On The CW drama series The Vampire Diaries, currently nearing its Season 5 finale and already picked up for Season 6, things are really heating up, with the appearance of the Travelers’ mysterious leader, Markos (guest star Raffi Barsoumian), and an unexpected show of power with Luke (guest star Chris Brochu) and Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell), all while Elena (Nina Dobrev) is still trying to sort out her love life.  In Episode 17, “Rescue Me,” Caroline (Candice Accola) agrees to make a trip to Atlanta to find Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) newly discovered doppelganger with and Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey), but is surprised when he decides to open up to her about his past.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Candice Accola talked about actually getting to take a road trip, learning about Enzo’s past and why he’s in Mystic Falls, finding out why Stefan’s doppelganger is valuable to the Travelers, a really nice upcoming moment between Caroline and Stefan, how their friendship is in a really great place, her surprise at how much the Caroline and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) relationship took off, that viewers will be getting a further education on the mythology of the Travelers, what it was like to have Paul Wesley direct an episode this season, how this season’s finale will be on par with previous finales, and how special it was to hit the 100 episode milestone this season.  Check out our Candice Accola Vampire Diaries season 5 interview after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

vampire-diaries-3What can you say to tease this episode, “Rescue Me,” and how the events will affect things to come?

CANDICE ACCOLA:  What I think is the most fun about the next episode is that we get to learn a little bit more about Enzo.  Caroline and Enzo do go on a road trip.  It’s not just that Caroline and Enzo have been gone, and then they come back and everyone else gets to hear about the road trip.   You actually get to go with them.  You’ll go on the hunt for Stefan’s other doppelganger and figure out why he’s so valuable to the Travelers. 

What can you say about the relationship between Caroline and Enzo?

ACCOLA:  My favorite part about Enzo, so far, is the banter and the scenes between him and Damon.  For the sake of Mystic Falls and the other characters within the show, it’s never good when Damon spirals or goes off the deep-end, but it’s really fun to watch.  So, I like that Enzo has brought that out of Damon, a little bit.  That one scene when they’re out on the road and Damon ends up ripping into Aaron, I really enjoyed that scene.  It was also fun, last week, to see Caroline and Enzo chat a little bit.  In this week’s episode, we’re gonna learn more about Enzo on their road trip.  Caroline is the instigator for the viewers to get to learn about Enzo’s history and past and why he’s in Mystic Falls. 

Is it justified to be suspicious of Enzo?

ACCOLA:  Even reading the scripts, I was suspicious of him when he led Caroline and Stefan to the Travelers, so I think it’s fair to be suspicious.  I think it’s always fair to be suspicious of any character to be hanging out with these guys in Mystic Falls.  It’s going to take time and a couple more episodes.  You’ll just have to wait and see, if you should continue with your suspicions. 

What upcoming interaction between Caroline and Stefan will viewers get to see?

vampire-diaries-2ACCOLA:  I’ve really enjoyed how their friendship has blossomed so much, over the seasons.  It’s really gotten into a beautiful place.  I know that it’s been teased that there’s going to be a really nice Caroline and Stefan moment, and it’s going to be a really raw moment in their friendship that shows how comfortable they’ve become with one another and how far they’re each willing to go to protect the other one. 

Were you nervous, when Caroline and Stefan started to get closer, that you would get some backlash from the Elena and Stefan fans, and are you surprised about how positively fans have reacted?

ACCOLA: Caroline and Stefan started the beginnings of a friendship in Season 2, when Stefan took Caroline under his wing when she was turned into a vampire.  That’s when the Twitterverse came up with Steroline.  It’s been an ongoing thing for awhile, and I am surprised that it’s gone as well as it has.  Just as much as people are diehard Damon and Elena ‘shippers, they are equally committed to Elena and Stefan.  So, I am surprised that so many viewers are actually interested in seeing a relationship blossom between Caroline and Stefan.  Now whether or not that will happen soon, time will tell.  But I can say that their friendship is in a really great place.  I think the writers have written some wonderful scenes that the viewers will like.

At PaleyFest, Joseph Morgan talked about how even though he was rooting for them initially, he thinks that Caroline is just too nice to wish Klaus on, on any kind of permanent basis.  Where do you fall on the whole Klaroline situation, and how do you feel about how it’s played out?

ACCOLA:  What I love is that the whole Caroline and Klaus thing was initially just a funny flirtation, and it wasn’t supposed to lead to anything.  Now, it’s taken over and become something with a very dedicated following.  I’ve been surprised that that relationship took off as much as it did, just because I think logically in my brain I know that Klaus is a nasty murderer and an evil guy and I just can’t get past that, and Caroline has struggled with getting past that, as well.  As of right now, Klaus is very committed and busy in New Orleans, and Caroline is very committed and busy at college.  There’s nothing coming up for them right away, but you never know.  You never know if Caroline will go on a road trip or not.

vampire-diaries-1What was it like to have Paul Wesley step in and direct an episode this season?  Was everybody really supportive, or was there a period of hazing involved?

ACCOLA:  There wasn’t any hazing.  Not to my knowledge.  I couldn’t have been more excited.  He really worked hard.  He worked hard in prep.  He was so excited.  He produced a film the summer before and he really expressed a lot of interest in directing an episode.  It was really great to work with him.  There’s an immediate comfortability, just because we all work together so much already.  He came to work prepared, excited and inspired, and all that’s all you can ask for in a director.  He definitely fit the role very well. 

What do you think about where Caroline’s journey ends up this season?

ACCOLA:  We have the finale script and it’s already been through rewrites, so we have an idea of where all of the characters are going, heading towards the finale.  But it’s always subject to change, even up to the last minute. 

What was your reaction, when you read the finale script?

ACCOLA:  It’s a finale.  For anyone that’s been a dedicated viewer of the show, they know what the writers put into the finale, and this is on par with the finales of the past.

Especially with the Travelers’ leader, Markos, coming, and with Luke and Liv, is there anyone Caroline should be most worried about in these last few episodes?

the-vampire-diariesACCOLA:  Any way I try to answer that, I’m going to get in trouble.  Over the next few episodes, we’re gonna see all of our favorite characters really team up together.  You’re going to see all of the dots start connecting.  We’re going to get a further education on the mythology of the Travelers and you’ll learn how, in the grand scheme of things, it will affect everyone. 

With the show already picked up for Season 6, is there anything you’ve thought about that you’d still love to get to see Caroline do or go through that she hasn’t yet?

ACCOLA:  Caroline has been through a lot.  Before, I used to say that it would be fun to see Caroline on the dark side of things, but we’ve already seen that with a lot of the other characters shutting their own humanity off.  So, I don’t feel like it would be that different to see her shutting her humanity off.  I have no idea what the writers have in store for next season, but I’m really excited to leave it up to them to decide what happens to Caroline.  Everything that she’s been through already has been fun and educating and a joy to be a part of.

With as challenging as it is to even get a TV show on the air, what did it mean to you to reach the 100 episode milestone this season?

ACCOLA:  It was really special to hit 100 episodes.  Everyone was just very present in the celebration of it.  And it is very difficult to be a part of a series that lasts a long time.  It’s hard to keep a series successful over time, and then to make it to 100 episodes, it just really goes to show.  There are no words.  I wish I actually had words, but there are no words.  If you would have said, five seasons ago, that we would be hitting 100 episodes and we’d all be here together celebrating that, I’d be like, “That’s insane!  That’s crazy!”  It was so exciting to celebrate all of that together.  It was really special. 

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursday nights on The CW.

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