Over 35 Posters from Cannes 2014 Include EASTERN BOYS, BORGMAN, RIO I LOVE YOU, HORMONES: THE SERIES, and More

     May 17, 2014


The Croisette is a giant billboard for movies and I discover new ones each day. From blockbusters to indie flicks and genre movies, Cannes is the poster collectioner’s dream and I will fulfill it each day with more treasures live from Cannes and its Film Market.  Hit the jump to check out over 35 posters from the 2014 Cannes Film Festival including Eastern Boys, Rio I Love You, Borgman, 13 Sins, and a lot more.

513-poster-cannes-7Like the Carlton with its Expendables 3 posters running across the entire length of the hotel, the Martinez is also decorated in a similar style, but with a lesser-known film.  Five Thirteen, by French actor and director Kader Ayd, features each of its actors on giant posters: Malik Barnhardt, Tom Sizemore, Taryn Manning and Gary Dourdan.

Rumor has it the actors had to improvise their dialogue because there was no script.  Sounds promising.

The film, which hits French theaters on June 11, features music by Snoop Dogg and Dave Stewart who also has a cameo in the film, along with France’s worst import, Ed Hardy creator Christian Audigier, who is also executive producer.  If the movie is anything like his clothing line…

Starring Elizabeth Banks and James Marsden, Blackout Total, which is the French title for Walk of Shame, comes out in France on May 21.  I don’t remember ever hearing about this movie or seeing any posters in Paris.  Not really a surprise considering the film has only grossed $55,000 at the U.S. box office and facing a lawsuit.

What struck me with the Faust 2.0 poster was “Swedish horror anthology.”  Launched at the Cannes Film Market, it portrays “five horrid stories about digital pandemic in its most frightening form (sic),” according to Horrophobic.

But what really scares me – and piques my interest at the same time – is the idea of a “raunchy vampire musical” starring Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson.  Yes, the boy band singer stars in The Bloody Indulgent, a high concept musical.  Don’t be frightened though, no release date has been announced.  For the time being, it is still up for grabs at the Film Market.

And that’s where the real celluloid treasures hide, waiting for a distributor to let them see the light of day.

The Film Market is a geographic maze where you travel around the globe.  Production companies from almost every nation on earth seem to have a stand or few there, aiming to sell their cinema to international territories.  From Europe to North and South America, from Asia to Africa, the impact of film is the same.

Here are just a few posters I photographed:

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