Robert Downey Jr. Says CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 Is “Gonna Be Huge” Thus Putting Hugeness Doubts to Rest

     October 20, 2014


I enjoy Marvel’s constant change-ups with fan expectations.  Immediately following Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was looking like Captain America 3 would be driven by the hunt for Bucky.  That could still be the case in terms of a baseline or prologue, but what Marvel is really going for is setting up a big plot arc with Civil War (a.k.a “Thanos Who?”), and they managed to nab Robert Downey Jr. as a co-lead.  There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the third Captain America movie because the future is wonderful, mysterious, and glorious place where anything is possible.

And we will be able to let our imaginations run wild for almost a year as we wonder what Marvel is cooking, and everyone involved in Cap 3 has to be evasive until Entertainment Weekly gets a big, studio-timed cover story that reveals actual information.  But until then, RDJ has some comments on the upcoming sequel.  Hit the jump for more.  Captain America 3 opens May 6, 2016.

captain-america-3-robert-downey-jrSpeaking to Yahoo! Movies UK, Downey was asked the obligatory Captain America 3 question, and said that if he answered, he would “just regret it”, but then added “It’s going to be huge,” which is surprising considering the company just released a movie the spanned across a galaxy.

I suppose the question is how will Cap 3’s hugeness compare to what Avengers: Age of Ultron has to offer?  To be fair, Guardians of the Galaxy is playing by its own rules at this point, and Ant-Man will be venturing into new ground.  Cap 3 will obviously be “huge”, but that’s all we can really deal with at this point: the obvious.

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