Mark Millar Says ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Has “Main Players” From Comics; Updates on ‘Kingsman 2’

     January 27, 2016


Just how closely (or not) will Captain America: Civil War stick to the comic book source material? Various reports suggest it veers off in its own direction, but Mark Millar, who wrote the original comic book arc, says the film maintains the same key characters.

Speaking with Cineworld, the writer said:

They’ve added characters they have the rights to as some of their characters are scattered around different studios, but the main players and their chief lieutenants in this thing are all the same.


Image via Marvel

We should still take what Millar says with a grain of salt, being that he likes to talk up his own projects, perhaps a little too much. But there could be some truth to it. There is still the whole Iron Man vs. Captain America debacle over political ideologies, and Spider-Man (by way of Tom Holland) has a part to play in the events to come. Elsewhere — beware of potential spoilers ahead — the comic storyline ended with the death of Captain America, and there have been reports that production filmed more than one death scene. Will Chris Evans’ star-spangled Avenger meet the same fate?

While we wait to hear and see more of Captain America: Civil War, Millar also provided an update on the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Matthew [Vaughn] and Jane [Goldman] finished the screenplay before Christmas and the plan is for the movie to be shooting in the spring. I only wrote one book so this is a new, original stories, but the nice thing is Dave Gibbons [artist on the original comic book] and I still co-own the rights so we both get paid the same money regardless. It’s beautiful. The capitalist dream!

Steve spoke with Taron Egerton during Sundance, and the actor said the film is shooting in the summer (not spring as Millar said) and the story will both feature more global locations and a villain to rival Samuel L. Jackson’s Valentine.


Image via 20th Century Fox


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