‘Captain America: Civil War’ Deleted Scene Shows Winter Soldier Pining After Cap’s Shield

     August 24, 2016

captain-america-civil-war-sliceBucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, has held Cap’s shield one both the page and the screen, and some even believed the Marvel Cinematic Universe would prep Steve Rogers’ wartime buddy to pick up the mantle after him. So far, all we’ve seen is a brainwashed Winter Soldier hold the shield for a few moments in the second and third Captain America movies, and a new deleted scene from Captain America: Civil War shows he misses that vibranium frisbee.


Image via Marvel

As we approach the Blu-ray release of the film on September 13, a week and change after the digital copy hits, a new deleted scene from Civil War has been released online, via EW. In it, we see an early rendering of something that was filmed for the big Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man airport sequence. The special effects aren’t fully completed, and we can see green screen from the Atlanta set in the background.

What it reveals is a cut moment from the battle when War Machine fires off a few rounds at Cap, forcing him to drop his shield. The Winter Soldier sprints to his aid, picks up the weapon and hurls it at his frenemy. After Falcon returns it to its rightful owner, The Winter Soldier remarks, “I gotta get me one of those.”

Watch the footage below:

Explaining why the sequence was cut, co-director Joe Russo told EW:

The airport sequence was obviously complicated. We wanted to track everybody’s arc and we felt like it was a hair too long, and that beat was coming at a spot when the energy was dropping…We actually made that up on set. It was not scripted…We were looking for a transitional moment to get Cap and Bucky back together, but in editorial we ultimately realized we didn’t need that transition. It’s actually one of my favorite beats in that whole sequence, but it’s just a function of storytelling and editing, and wasn’t something we needed to tell the story, but it’s a great bit for the DVD.

There’s plenty more from where this came from as the Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray will feature more detailed and extended scenes, as well as a two-part making-of documentary on the film, a gag reel, and a Doctor Strange sneak peek.



Image via Film Frame/Marvel


Image via Marvel

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