Watch: Tony Hale & Adam Pally Spoof ‘Captain America: Civil War’ in Funny or Die Sketch

     May 11, 2016

captain-america-civil-war-reenactors-funny-or-dieThere are Civil War reenactors, then there are Captain America: Civil War reenactors. Tony Hale and Adam Pally are the latter in the latest spoof from Funny or Die.

In a mockumentary, the Veep and Happy Endings comedians play two pool supply store employees who’ve been working on a reenactment of the airport fight sequence between Team Iron Man and Team Cap for some time. Hale plays Chad, the Iron Man of the reenactment, while Pally plays Angus, a former Civil War reenactor turned Captain America. The two, dressed in what look like store-bought costumes, butt heads both on and off the battlefield (i.e. a parking lot) and it’s this tension that builds towards their Marvel clash.

Elsewhere, we meet members from the opposing teams. There’s Ronnie, who’s still saving up money for his Falcon wings; Gabriel, who finds grace and beauty in being a Vision reenactor; Parker and Pete, who are trying so hard to replicate the scene where Hawkeye launches Ant-Man off his arrow; Black Panther reenactor Zack, a caucasian man who identifies as black; and Chad’s wife, Laney, who reenacts Nancy Meyers movies in her spare time.

Watch the spoof in the video below:

Captain America: Civil War hasn’t even been playing in U.S. theaters for a full week yet, but we can already tell why this parody is appropriate. Fans can be pretty intense. Every Marvel movie is a major event, in a lot of ways, but this one has been anticipated since it was first confirmed in 2014 with that big Phase Three announcement at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. It’s good — nay, healthy — to laugh at oneself every once and away.

That said, I return you now to your regularly scheduled programming of dissecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe to death.


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Image via Funny or Die

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