Will Spider-Man Sport Multiple Costumes in ‘Captain America: Civil War’?

     December 9, 2015


We know that Spider-Man will be making an appearance in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, but to what extent and in what costume remains unknown. While the web-slinger certainly plays a huge part of the comic book story arc, this movie is already so jam-packed full of superheroes that I’m not sure how Joe and Anthony Russo would find the time to do Peter Parker’s full story justice. But if new comments from Anthony Russo are any indication, they might be telling a lot of Spider-Man’s story through his costume design.

Without giving away too much information for those of you who aren’t as familiar with Spider-Man’s role in Civil War, it should suffice to say that the wall-crawler is caught in the middle between Tony Stark’s pro-registration stance and Steve Roger’s anti-registration side. His allegiance can be tracked by watching just what costume he appears in, since one is very clearly a product of Stark’s Iron Man technology while the other is a bit more traditional. Nothing’s been confirmed just yet, but the appearance of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War could conceivably delight fans of both versions.


Image via Marvel

Here are the pertinent quotes from Russo’s chat with Super Interessante (via CBM):

SUPER: There are many rumors are talking about two, three uniforms in the film. What can you talk about it?


Anthony Russo: Well, we did a lot of research and experimented with the looks of each character. We went through the same process with Spider-Man. We knew it was going to be someone young and it was very important to us because we wanted to give this essence to the character, because he is someone unique to the Marvel Universe. Tom Holland is an amazing Spider-Man, people will love him. It was a very experimental process, placing him with the other actors, especially with Downey Jr., we had to learn as we worked. And we’re very happy with the final result. We’re still working on a few things, like the costume. He’s not ready yet because so much will be produced with special effects.


SUPER: Will the film show the red-and-gold costume that was made ​​famous in the Civil War comic?


AR: The film will show a mix of what everyone is waiting for with a little twist. So yeah, that’s all I can say.


Image via Marvel

What Russo and the interviewer are talking about here is Iron Spider, a suit of armor befitting the powers and abilities of Spider-Man that was designed by Tony Stark using Stark Tech and very obviously influenced by Iron Man’s armor design. The appearance of the Iron Spider armor in Captain America: Civil War would certainly be a first for the live-action arena, but it would also serve as quite the shorthand for Spidey’s state of mind during this very trying time. Presumably, we could see Tom Holland as Iron Spider, a more traditional Spider-Man, and even as an unmasked Peter Parker. They can conceivably get a lot of story across with just a little bit of Spidey screentime, but we’ll have to wait until May to find out for sure.

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