‘Captain Marvel’ Will Pay Homage to 90s Action Movies

     March 9, 2018


Filming is underway on Captain Marvel, which will be the first female-led movie in the MCU. Speaking to EW, Kevin Feige says the movie, which will be set in the 90s (and likely contain some kind of explanation as to why a superpowered hero like Carol Danvers sat out all the Earth-threatening events of past MCU movies) will also draw from the 90s when it comes to genre inspiration. The film promises to be in the vein of 90s action films according to the Marvel Studios chief, and it will tie back into how Nick Fury knew about a “bigger universe” back in the first Iron Man:

We wanted to explore a period before Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury had any idea about any of the other heroes and crazy stuff going on in the world. You know, we first met Nick when he told Tony, “You’re part of a big universe. You just don’t know yet.” Well, we want to go back to a time when he didn’t know it yet, and really showcase and announce that Carol Danvers was that first hero that Nick came across. That meant she could be the singular hero, but place it within timing of the MCU. It also got us talking about different genres, exploring this notion of sort of the ‘90s action film. We hadn’t necessarily done anything like that before either, so there are definitely homages to our favorite ‘90s action films within Captain Marvel.


Image via Brie Larson

When pressed for details, Feige said there were action elements to the genre that fans would recognize:

Well, not necessarily talking about any particulars of the story, but the action elements Terminator 2. That’s about as iconic as you get, looking at kind of those cool street level fights, street level car chases, and fun stuff like that. That being said, much of the movie takes place in outer space, as you might think a Captain Marvel movie would. Like all of our genre inspirations, there are bits and pieces here and there.

It will be interesting to see if Feige is able to follow-through on his aspirations for the 90s. One of the hallmarks of 90s action films is they were the last gasp of practical-driven VFX, and Marvel movies have always been big on CGI. They’re not going to make something that’s grounded and practical like Jack Reacher when it comes to channeling 90s action, so I’m sure what this means for Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel opens March 8th and stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Gemma Chan, Jude Law, and Ben Mendelsohn. For more on Captain Marvel, click on the links below:

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