‘Captain Marvel’ Will Incorporate the Kree Supreme Intelligence

     January 8, 2019


On March 8th, we’re getting the big screen debut of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, an Air Force fighter pilot who vanishes from Earth and winds up being inducted into the alien race, The Kree, and becoming a member of Starforce, an elite, Special Forces-type group of Kree warriors. We’ll get to visit the Kree planet, Hala, and spend time with Starforce members including Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva and Djimon Hounsou as Korath, but there’s another very important part of the Kree lifestyle that’ll be featured in Captain Marvel, the Supreme Intelligence. 

Here’s the description of The Supreme Intelligence provided on Marvel.com:

“The Supreme Intelligence is an organic, computer construct, created by the Kree to act as their supreme leader. It is made up of the combined, preserved minds of the Kree’s greatest intellects, giving it all the knowledge and mental ability that the Kree has access to.”


Image via Marvel Studios

While visiting the set of Captain Marvel back in the summer of 2018, I got to join a group of journalists for a roundtable interview with Starforce leader, Jude Law. Marvel has yet to officially announce his character’s name, but there are rumors swirling claiming he could be Yon-Rogg. During our interview, someone asked Law what drives his character and his answer may be further proof that he is indeed Yon-Rogg:

“It’s interesting. He has a very particular relationship – and any of you who know a lot about the Krees, there’s a sort of a divine element called the Supreme Intelligence, and that comes to play in this. And each of the Starforce, indeed each of the Kree warriors, has a particular relationship with the Supreme Intelligence, and my character has a very particular relationship with Supreme Intelligence which becomes revealed and is quite complex and ultimately very revealing of what it is that motivates. I’ve kind of based him almost on a sort of, not religious fanatic, but he’s got a kind of divine sense of purpose because of his relationship with this greater being.”


Image via Marvel Studios

The following material could contain some Captain Marvel plot spoilers if Law is indeed Yon-Rogg, so be warned!

In the comics, Yon-Rogg is a colonel in the Kree Army and an antagonist to Captain Marvel. Not only was he present when Carol Danvers gained her powers, but at a point, he also teams up with Ronan the Accuser to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence. Considering Law spoke at length about playing Carol’s mentor in the movie, the fact that Lee Pace is indeed returning to play Ronan, and a certain recent merchandise leak, there’s a lot in play to suggest that Law is indeed Yon-Rogg.

Captain Marvel is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the film also stars Ben MendelsohnSamuel L. JacksonClark GreggLashana LynchAlgenis Perez SotoRune Temte, and McKenna Grace. The movie hits theaters nationwide on March 8, 2019.

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