Caption This: GAME OF THRONES’ Sand Snakes; OUTLANDER’s Jamie Has a Message

     May 9, 2015


For Caption This, we at Collider TV take note throughout the week of the weirdest, strangest, or simply most caption-worthy promotional photos we run across, and pick the best one (or two) to share. You can see previous picks here.

First up this week (which has an unintentional fantasy theme), we have a conversation among the Game of Thrones‘ Sand Snakes of Dorne. Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) and Nymeria (Jessica Henwick) seem to be in a heated exchange (at least from Tyene’s side), while the Whale Rider Obara (Keisha Castle-Hughes) finds some inner peace. Share your caption in the comments (this one may require multiple thought bubbles):


Image via HBO

As this week’s bonus, here is an Outlander photo fit to launch a thousand fanfics, as Jamie (Sam Heughan) shows up looking ruggedly handsome (naturally), with a horse in tow (a must-have accessory for any good romance cover). Provide your best caption for Jamie in the comments, or just gaze at him and imagine riding off into the sunset (or perhaps riding off to a Scottish Highlands brawl — whatever is your thing):


Image via Starz