Caption This: THE FLASH Is Being a Creeper, Dr. Wells Is Disappointed

     May 16, 2015


For Caption This, we at Collider TV take note throughout the week of the weirdest, strangest, or simply most caption-worthy promotional photos we run across, and pick the best one (or two) to share. You can see previous picks here.

First up, The Flash‘s Barry visited Starling City this week (briefly) on Arrow, but in this image, he just looks like a straight-up creeper. Whatcha lookin’ at, Barry? (Is someone flashin’ the Flash?) Are you using your speedster abilities for nefarious purposes? I can’t decide if this look is more HEEEEERE’S BARRYYY! or more “can I come play?” Give this your best caption in the comments.


Image via the CW

As this week’s bonus photo, another Flash image, this time, of Dr. Wells / Eobard Thawne. He’s not mad, he’s just disappointed. Or maybe it’s that he’s not sad, it’s just raining on his face. You decide, and let us know in the comments:


Image via the CW