Carmen Ejogo and Common Talk SELMA, Working with Director Ava DuVernay, Ejogo’s Take on Coretta Scott King in BOYCOTT vs. SELMA, THE PURGE 3 and More

     January 9, 2015


There are a lot of key characters in Selma, but as both Carmen Ejogo and Common point out, director Ava DuVernay has an exceptional attention to detail so not only are you fully in touch with Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo), Coretta Scott King (Ejogo) and James Bevel (Common), but you’re also able to spark connections to minor characters, and even the background extras as well.

With Selma due for a nationwide expansion on January 9th, I got the chance to talk to Ejogo and Common about their experience working with DuVernay, her skills as a leader, her ability to make the cast feel as though they’re taking their work to a new level and more.  Hit the jump to catch all of that and to find out whether or not Ejogo has any interest in coming back for The Purge 3.

Carmen Ejogo & Common: 

  • On working with director Ava DuVernay; her ability to bring the best out of each actor.
  • DuVernay’s attention to detail.
  • Would Ejogo want to do another Purge movie?
  • Ejogo on playing Coretta Scott King in Boycott vs. playing her in Selma.


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