Limited Edition CARRIE (1976) Screen Print from Odd City Entertainment’s Jessica Deahl Available Thursday, September 19th

     September 18, 2013


Before the Kimberly Peirce-directed remake of Carrie hits theaters next month, you can get your hands on a limited edition screen print of the original 1976 thriller from Odd City Entertainment.  This release will be the first from Odd City’s Chief Creative Director, Jessica Deahl.  150 signed prints will be up for sale at Odd City Entertainment’s store at an undisclosed time on Thursday, September 19th.

Check out the blood-soaked poster and find all the necessary details in the full press release after the jump.  

Here’s the Carrie poster followed by the press release:



Odd City Entertainment is excited to announce a limited edition screen print of the original 1976 Brian De Palma horror classic CARRIE.  Having been the first of Stephen King’s novels to be adapted for the screen, CARRIE was both a critical and box office success. It holds up today as one of the greatest genre films about the potential horror of psychic ability.

This print is Odd City’s first release of work by our very own Jessica Deahl, who serves as our Chief Creative Director.

“When Odd City asked me to take on CARRIE, I couldn’t have been more excited. Now an iconic horror film more than thirty years old, the themes of fear, isolation, and estrangement are still relatable. I wanted to portray the story of Carrie White as a triumph. She overcomes the horrific and inhumane treatment of her peers and unjust religious control of her mother to win back her life. She was a prisoner in her own home, and her rage destroys it.” – Jessica Deahl

Jessica Deahls CARRIE print will be a signed limited release of 150, printed with 6 inks on French Butcher Off White paper.

Release and Purchase Information:
The Odd City limited edition prints will be sold online at the Odd City Entertainment store. They will be available for purchase at an undisclosed time on Thursday September 19th.

About Jessica Deahl:
Jessica is the Chief Creative Director for Odd City Entertainment. She is an art lover, print devotee, and maybe one of the only native Wyomingites you will ever meet.   She left home a few months after high school graduation, moved to Southern California to get a degree in interior design and maybe be an Architect one day. After the realization that drawing perfectly rendered kitchens wasn’t her thing, she switched to Illustration and never looked back– although she took with her a strong love for design and Mid-Century furniture.

In California she was introduced to public transportation, life near a large body of water, ideal weather, and the world of screen printed posters. Now in Austin, Jessica gets to be a part of the team at Odd City, which is always a good time. Providing the world with more beautiful pieces of paper to put on the wall? Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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