Cate Blanchett Is Russell Crowe’s New Maid Marion

     February 25, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Russell Crowe has found the Maid Marion to his Robin Hood at long last. Variety is reporting that Oscar winner Cate Blanchett is in negotiations to fill the role in Ridley Scott’s Sherwood Forest reboot. Cate would replace Sienna Miller who exited the production late last year for either being 1) too skinny, 2) too young or 3) just not very good in the role – depending on which version of Russell Crowe you happen to ask.

The movie, formerly known as “Nottingham” but now going with the duller, safer title “Robin Hood”, begins shooting this April with a budget reportedly in the $130 million dollars range. Universal waited patiently for the trees in England to turn green again – now they want the blockbuster they were promised and they want it now!

At one time I would havebet that a “Robin Hood” revamp courtesy of Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott would be a sure-fire hit.But the myriad script changes and cast troubles – not to mention the Kevin Costner factor – all have me a little nervous. The fact that Blanchett will be filling the traditionally milk-toast role of Marion is probably an excellent sign for the production but I am reserving judgment until I hear that her contract has been signed and witnessed. Cate is a bit of an ectomorph, after all.

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