‘Catfight’ Trailer: Anne Heche and Sandra Oh Beat the Hell out of Each Other… A Lot

     January 27, 2017


Every once in a while, a trailer comes along that ramps your interest up from zero to sixty in an instant. Today, that trailer is for Catfight, a brutal satire starring Sandra Oh and Anne Heche as two rivals who like to beat the hell and ruin each other’s lives. For years. This one had completely flown under the radar for me until now, but I’m officially all in.

The film follows a struggling artist Ashley Miller (Heche) and a bitter, rich housewife Veronica Salt (Oh), two women who were close in college but quickly fell out of touch. Years later, they reunite at a party where Asley is working as a caterer and Veronica throwing shade left and right. The women trade barbs and then they trade blows in a savage, bloody knock-down drag-out that leaves Veronica in a coma for two years. When she wakes up, instantly humbled but understandably pissed, the tables have turned and Ashley has become a prosperous artist while her own fortune has evaporated. Cue fist fight #2, which judging from the trailer, is far from the last.

Catfight also promises a bit of political satire, set against the backdrop of a newly elected U.S. president who is hellbent on starting a new war in the middle east. So it’s part action movie, part political satire, part emotional drama and it’s all from the mind of Onur Tukel, the filmmaker behind festival hits Applesauce, Summer of Blood, and Richard’s Wedding. Yup, this movie is going to be something special and weird as hell. Check it out for yourself in the trailer below.

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