Catherine Hardwicke Corners Another Youth (Movie) with THE GIRL WITH THE RED RIDING HOOD Plus 21 JUMP STREET?!

     August 21, 2009


Catherine Hardwicke’s (“Thirteen”, “Twilight”) latest project has now been announced . She will now be directing an adaptation of “The Girl With the Red Riding Hood.” The film will be written by David Johnson (“Orphan”) and will be a gothic retelling of the “Little Red Riding Hood” story, with a teenage love triangle at its center. This is only the latest film to be added to Hardwicke’s growing list of projects. To find out more about what else Hardwicke has coming up, which includes a big screen adaptation of a hit Richard Greico 80s TV series, hit the jump.

catherine_hardwicke_image.jpgCatherine Hardwicke has been keeping busy after Twlight’s release last year. She is currently attached to four different projects and keeping her options open for the moment it seems.  Lets go down the list and play catch-up.

First there is “Maximum Ride”,  based off of the James Patterson’s novel,  which tells the story of six children genetically cross-bred with avian DNA, complete with wings, who take flight cross-country to discover their origins. Then there is the modern day retelling of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” starring Emile Hirsch and written by “Philadelphia” screenwriter Ron Nyswaner. Thirdly, there is “If I Stay”, an adaptation of the novel by Gayle Forman. The novel is about a 17-year old musician Mia who, after a violent car accident, finds herself watching her damaged body taken from the wreck. She must then decide whether or not she has the will to live

Variety also reports that Hardwicke is attached to a “21 Jump Street” remake at Sony. I find this to be some pretty interesting and weird news since the last time we heard about this one Jonah Hill was working on a screenplay for it. I never would have guessed that Hardwicke would be the director behind this but the choice is so out of left field that I’m now more interested in the project than I was before.

All of these sound like they could make for an interesting film. Having said that, I think I would like to see Hardwicke’s take on Hamlet with Emile Hirsch bringing his A game to the title role before any of them. We still don’t know which film is next for the director but as you can now tell, she has a lot of different projects to choose from.

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