CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH to Return (Yet Again) to MTV2

     April 14, 2015


Before Uwe Boll started challenging critics to boxing matches or Drake and Chris Brown started scuffling, MTV had the idea to render all celebrity beefs, real or completely made up, into absurdly and occassionally very funny stop-motion animated vignettes. The show was Celebrity Deathmatch, with Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez as our announcers, and the pit matches dreamed up by creator Eric Fogel, the man behind the rightly beloved MTV series The Head, ranged from the obvious (Madonna vs. Michael Jackson) to the outright bizarre (Charles Manson vs. Marilyn Manson). The show was cancelled in the late 1990s and then revived in the mid-aughts for two seasons on MTV2, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is set to make its return to MTV2 with Fogler back on board as creator.


Image via MTV

As THR explains, the new series will also incorporate more modern touches to the series, which was last cancelled in 2007. Both Twitter and Facebook comments will become part of the show’s overall design, though its currently unclear as to how the show will utilize the many components of social media to upgrade the show. There’ve also been zero hints as to what celebrities may be involved in this new slew of gore-tinged fights, though I can’t imagine the likes of Kanye West or Justin Bieber not being on Fogler’s to-do list. Regardless, the show marks a possible return to MTV’s weirder, funnier roots, rather than their current slate of empty, grim dramas, such as Eye Candy, Teen Wolf, and the upcoming Scream series, which they’ve unfortunately been turning out for the last decade or so.


Image via MTV