‘Central Intelligence’ Trailer Brings the World Fat Dwayne Johnson

     November 20, 2015


The first Central Intelligence trailer has gone online. The film stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as a mismatched pair of pair of former high school classmates who reunite years later only to find their lives have taken completely unexpected paths.

Johnson plays Bob, a former overweight nerd who spent his high school years being bullied before he “blossomed physically” into hulking “The Rock” stature and became a deadly CIA operative. When Bob attends his 20 year high school reunion he runs in to Calvin (Hart), one time cool guy and king of the campus who grew up to become a straight-laced accountant. When Bob is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, he recruits Calvin to help him clear his name and stop a plot to sell military secrets.

Very little of that plot comes across in this first trailer, but that’s okay because it looks like Johnson is having a blast. While Johnson is always good for action movies, the guy has great comic timing, and I wish more movies knew how to utilize it. There’s still no true successor to The Rundown when it comes to his action-comedy movies, and I’m hoping Central Intelligence will fit the bill.

Check out the Central Intelligence trailer below, which also shows the movie will give us the gift of fat Dwayne Johnson. The movie opens June 17, 2016, and also stars Aaron PaulAmy RyanDanielle NicolletRyan Hansen, and Slaine.


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