Chan-wook Park Will Direct Sci-Fi Body Swapping Pic SECOND BORN

     November 13, 2014


Stoker was one of my favorite movies from last year and it proved that director Chan-wook Park is a master of his craft no matter what language he’s working in.  He essentially bested American Horror Story (Season 1, at least) at their own, ridiculous game with something so stylish it managed to be both wacky and beautiful at the same time.

So I’m confident that Second Born will turn out rather well based on his involvement alone, even if the threadbare synopsis of the original script by David Jagernauth we have at this juncture points to something interesting rather than downright remarkable.  Hit the jump for more on Chan-wook Park directing Second Born.

stoker-mia-wasikowska-park-chan-wookVariety (who broke the story) has the synopsis for Second Born:

“Second Born,” based on an original screenplay by David Jagernauth, takes  place in a futuristic world in which neural microchip implants are used to store one’s consciousness, leading to black market body-swapping.

The film will be one of the first productions for David Lancaster‘s newly launched Rumble Films.  Lancaster was most recently a producer on Whiplash and Nightcrawler, so there’s some evidence to support this guy’s taste in film.  Stephanie Wilcox will co-produce.  No casting has been announced yet, but we’ll sure to bring you the news when that hits as well.

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