Channing Tatum to Produce and Star in THE CONTORTIONIST’S HANDBOOK

     August 10, 2010


Channing Tatum is set to co-produce and star in the thriller The Contortionist’s Handbook based off the 2002 novel by Craig Clevenger.  Per Deadline, “Tatum will play a forger who moves smoothly from one identity to the next because of a strict code of conduct that keeps him from getting caught or having to deal with his own troubled past. That gets upended when he falls for a beautiful woman with her own dark secret.”

For a guy who can’t seem to contort his face to display emotions, Channing is keeping busy.  He won’t be able to get to Contortionist’s Handbook until 2011 because he’s already set for the epic sci-fi romance Ion, the romantic drama The Vow with Rachel McAdams, and the Ron Howard cheating-couples comedy which is now entitled The Dilemma.

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