‘Chappaquiddick’: Jason Clarke Is Ted Kennedy in New Trailer for Scandal Drama

     March 1, 2018


Entertainment Studios has released a new trailer for the upcoming drama Chappaquiddick, which chronicles the deadly incident involving Senator Ted Kennedy at the titular location. Based on a true story, Chappaquiddick stars Jason Clarke as Kennedy, who at this point in time was mulling over a potential run for the White House a year after the death of his brother Bobby Kennedy. Details of the Chappaquiddick incident are murky at best, but the facts are these: after a night of drinking, Kennedy was involved in a car accident with Mary Jo Kopechne (Kate Mara) that left her dead. But the cover-up of the incident created more questions than answers.

I saw director John Curran’s film at TIFF last fall, and it’s a really solid, involving, and timely drama that doesn’t offer easy answers. It definitely doesn’t paint Kennedy as a saint, but it does provide fantastic insight into the Kennedy family as a whole, and the lengths to which patriarch Joseph Kennedy (Bruce Dern) would go to get his family in the White House.

Check out the new Chappaquiddick trailer below. The film also features fantastic performances from Ed Helms and Jim Gaffigan. Chappaquiddick opens in theaters on April 6th.

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