Watch: Charlie Cox Goes In-Depth on ‘Daredevil’ in Our 60-Minute Interview

     July 11, 2018

Warning: Avengers: Infinity War spoilers are discussed towards the beginning of this interview.

A little over a week ago I got to do something really cool: I moderated the Charlie Cox panel at Amazing Comic-Con in Las Vegas. During the really fun hour-long conversation, he shared some great behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil and also answered tons of fan questions. Since we knew a lot of our readers weren’t going to be able to make it to Las Vegas to see the panel in person, in the player above you can see what you missed.


Image via Netflix

During the Q&A you’ll see Cox also talk about how much he knows going into a season of Daredevil, what he loves about working with Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin), how often he visits the writers room, the way he likes to work on set, what he loves about attending Comic-Cons, if he prefers to know the arc of the season or find out script by script, and so much more. In addition, besides seeing him answer a number of fan questions, you can watch him play “random questions” which includes questions like which TV show would he like to guest spot on, favorite sci-fi/fantasy movie, which film scared him as a kid, what he collects, if he owns any movie/TV show props, what’s the most he’s spent on sneakers or shoes, and more. Finally, you can watch Cox share some fun stories about how he acquired his own Daredevil mask after putting it up for a charity auction, a fans reaction when the cast of Defenders came out of a restaurant together, and more.

Check out what he had to say in the player above and a huge thank you to Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con for partnering up with Collider on the convention! While in Vegas I got to meet a ton of people that read the site and watch out videos on YouTube and everyone couldn’t have been nicer and happy to meet us. I hope to be back next year!


Image via Netflix

Here’s a list of everything we talked about prior to random questions and what fans asked.

Charlie Cox:

  • How often does he attend Comic-Cons and what’s his favorite part?
  • Avengers: Infinity War spoilery question. Does he think any of Daredevil’s friends have turned to dust?
  • How early on does he know they are filming a new season of Daredevil?
  • How often does he visit the writers room?
  • How much did he know about the arc of season 3 and how much was he finding it out script by script?
  • How has learning new fight movies each season changed how much he can now do in the 3rd season of Daredevil?
  • daredevil-season-3-charlie-cox

    Image via Netflix

    Talks about working with Vincent D’Onofrio and what he loves about his work.

  • Does he have a favorite Netflix Marvel show besides Daredevil?
  • Does he want to see a Defenders season 2?
  • How does he like to work on set and how is it when making Daredevil?
  • Can he leave the character he’s playing a set or does some of it come home with him at night?
  • He plays “Random Questions”.
  • About 32 minutes in the fan questions begin.