Charlie Day Circling Guillermo del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM

     June 16, 2011


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s up-and-up star Charlie Day is currently in talks to join director Guillermo del Toro’s alien-invasion pic Pacific Rim. Variety reports that Day would play a professor in the film leaving the rest of the role’s details to the imagination (for the record, I’m imagining him in black-rimmed glasses). If the deal goes through, the actor would join fellow FX alum Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) who signed on to star in the project back in May. Idris Elba is also rumored to be high on Legendary’s wishlist, although his involvement is yet to be confirmed.

As a refresher, Pacific Rim is penned by Travis Beacham and is described as a monster flick set within two worlds. It seems as if Beacham’s script will involve humans manning giant robots (i.e. “mecha”) in order to protect the world(s) from said alien invasion (a thought I would find somewhat cheesy if not for del Toro’s exceptional sense of visuals). You’ll remember that del Toro took over the helm of Pacific Rim shortly after Universal failed to greenlight his R-rated version of At the Mountains of Madness. As for Day, the actor can next be seen alongside Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Colin Farrell in the comedy Horrible Bosses opening July 8th.

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