‘Charlie’s Angels’: Everything You Need to Know About Elizabeth Banks’ Feminist Action Reboot

     June 28, 2019

“Good morning, Angels.” “Good morning, Charlie!” Whether that quote takes you back to the Charlie’s Angels movies in the early ‘00s or all the way back to the original TV series from the ‘70s, it means something to a lot of people. And now Elizabeth Banks wants to bring that feeling to a whole new generation with her Charlie’s Angels reboot.

Er, actually don’t call it a reboot. Or even a revival. According to Banks, who directed the film and wrote the script, the upcoming action film is more of a “continuation” or sequel that both builds on the events of the original TV series and two movies from the ‘00s as well as connects them all together to make one large Charlie’s Angels canon.

When the new Charlie’s Angels movie picks up, it’s been 40 years since Charlie first started the Townsend Agency with a trio of Angels. Since then he has turned it into a global spy program. There are Townsend Agencies all over the world with Angel teams everywhere.

Collider was lucky enough to witness the action on set in Berlin during production last winter to get the scoop on what longtime fans of Charlie’s Angels can expect from the new movie, from the modern updates to what Banks carried over from the originals and more.

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