‘Sabrina’ Character Images and Descriptions Introduce Netflix’s ‘Chilling’ Cast

     September 17, 2018


If there’s one thing that has been clear with everything released for Netflix’s Chilling Adventure of Sabrina so far, it’s that it will be dark. But not exclusively — Sabrina has a choice: to Path of Light or the Path of Dark, and the many characters who surround her will help her decide. Today, Netflix has released images and descriptions for those Chilling cohorts, including Sabrina’s fabulous aunts, her friends, her sweet but naive boyfriend, and of course Madam Satan.

The series comes from Riverdale‘s Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, so expect a high dose of camp (which fits here maybe better than it originally did with Riverdale, which had to grow into it). And even though CW super-producer Greg Berlanti is also executive producing, keep in mind that the series moved from the CW to Netflix, likely because it was far less like the series there, and more like to go some pretty horrifying places. In a good way. Hopefully!

Check out all of the new info below, including a particularly fantastic image of Miranda Otto as Zelda. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuts on Netflix on October 26th.


Image via Netflix

SABRINA SPELLMAN (Kiernan Shipka) An empowered young woman, half-human, half-witch, Sabrina is just beginning her dark education as a sorceress, even as she tries to maintain a normal life as a sophomore at Baxter High. Intelligent, compassionate and brave to the point of recklessness, Sabrina is all that stands between us and the forces of darkness that threaten our world. Pictured with Lachlan Watson (As Susie Putnam), Jaz Sinclair (As Rosalind Walker) and Ross Lynch (As Harvey Kinkle)


Image via Netflix

HARVEY KINKLE (Ross Lynch) is Sabrina’s boyfriend. The prince charming of this dark fairy tale, Harvey is the son of a coal miner, a dreamboat and a dreamer, completely unaware of the dark forces conspiring to keep him and Sabrina apart.


Image via Netflix

THE WEIRD SISTERS; AGATHA (Adeline Rudolph), PRUDENCE (Tati Gabrielle), DORCAS (Abigail Cowen) The three Weird Sisters—a trio of powerful, uncanny teenage witches at the Academy of Unseen Arts who look down their noses at Sabrina for being half-mortal.


Image via Netflix

HILDA SPELLMAN (Lucy Davis) is one of Sabrina’s two witch aunts. More nurturing than Zelda, Hilda’s motherly nature and warm sense of humor belie a wicked, ghoulish streak. She is as adept at brewing spite jars against her family’s enemies as she is at concocting love potions for the students at Baxter High.