Chloe Grace Moretz Talks CARRIE, KICK-ASS 2, Video Games, XBox 360 vs. PS3, Future Projects and More at NYCC

     October 15, 2012


One of the films to premiere footage at this year’s New York Comic-Con was director Kimberly Peirce‘s (Boys Don’t Cry) remake of Carrie.  Based on the book by Stephen King, Screen Gems says Carrie is “a reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.”  While many were nervous about the remake, Matt was very impressed with the footage.  Read his recap here and here’s the first trailer.

Shortly before the Comic-Con panel, I did an exclusive interview with Chloë Moretz.  We talked about her experiences with comic-con, why she prefers the PS3 to the XBox 360, video games, how she got the role in Carrie and the audition process, the challenges Hit-Girl faces in the Kick-Ass sequel, whether Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) will make an appearance, what she has planned next, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

chloe-moretz-kick-ass-2-sequelChloe Grace Moretz:

  • 0:21 – Having starred in Kick-Ass, what’s her experience of attending comic conventions.
  • 1:16 – How she’s not much of a collection, but she is a gamer, why she prefers PlayStation 3 to Xbox 360, and her other thoughts on gaming.
  • 3:39 – Thoughts about signing on to Carrie, and how she got the part.
  • 8:41 – Talking about Kick-Ass 2, and the challenges Hit-Girl faces in the sequel.
  • 10:06 – Will Big Daddy make an appearance?
  • 10:25 – What she has planned next.


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