20th Century Fox and Producer John Davis to Develop Adaptation of CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE

     June 11, 2013


The Choose Your Own Adventure books could be pretty fun, especially since inconsequential choices somehow ended with the protagonist dying suddenly and horribly on page 52.  Why did you have him choose a tuna fish sandwich over PB&J?  20th Century Fox and producer John Davis will attempt to find answers to these questions and find a happy ending with their adaptation of the long-running book series.  The books were a hit from the 1970s to the 1980s as they offered readers a unique storytelling experience.  Fox hopes to adapt the series into a “cross-platform four-quadrant action adventure franchise.”

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choose-your-own-adventure-you-are-a-shark-book-coverAccording to THR,

“Fox will have all screen rights to the property and will be able to adapt it for multi-platforms. The next step is figuring out what the action-adventure story or stories will be as the book series traveled the gamut of locations (from Sahara to the Altair solar system), time periods and genres (from mysteries to space and beyond).”

The settings and plots don’t interest me as much as the storytelling device.  I’m particularly intrigued by what is meant by “cross-platform”.  Will video games, the closest entertainment relative to choose your own adventure stories, somehow affect the movie?  How would that work?  Or will it simply be your standard tie-ins and the movie will have a format similar to something like Source Code where the protagonist has to figure out how to progress by making different choices.

An adaptation of CYOA has been in development throughout the years with even Nicole Kidman circling the project at one point.  The current deal is reportedly in the seven figures and is a “coup” for Davis, who previously produced Predator, Courage Under Fire, Chronicle, and plenty of other films ranging from dramas to comedies to family fare.

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