Chris Colfer Talks STRUCK BY LIGHTNING, Does He See Himself More as a Writer or an Actor, GLEE, and More

     January 10, 2013

Chris Colfer-Struck-By-Lightning-interview-slice

Struck by Lightning, a film deeply indebted to the written word, advocates not so much for the quality of writing but for the action itself.  Writing in the film becomes an act of catharsis for its characters, regardless of literary talent. Chris Colfer (best known as Kurt on Glee) stars as Carson Philips, a know-it-all wannabe high school journalist.  To get into the college of his dreams (North Western) and to boost his resume, Philips blackmails his classmates into contributing articles for his newfound literary magazine.  The film is a passion project for Colfer, beginning life as a one-man high school play (Colfer played every single role), now transitioning into a fairly good film and to top it off – becoming it’s own tie-in novel (which is the second novel the New York Times Bestselling Colfer’s written).  It’s fitting that a film so in love with the power of writing covers such a gamut of literary fields.

In the following interview with Chris Colfer, he discusses the first thing he ever wrote, how he approaches writing a novel versus a film and what’s next for him on Glee. For the full interview, hit the jump.

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Chris Colfer:

  • What was the first story he wrote
  • Does he see himself more as a writer or an actor
  • Talks about how this started as a 10 minutes prose??
  • It’s now a book.  Does he have a different approach when writing for a novel than a film
  • What attracts him to playing ostracized characters
  • What is it like playing someone living in NYC on Glee
  • What’s coming up on Glee
  • Is he currently writing anything


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