Chris Evans Talks Directorial Debut 1:30 TRAIN, Dunkin Donuts Coming to L.A., and The Weinstein Company Editing SNOWPIERCER for Domestic Audiences

     August 13, 2013


A few days ago at D23, I landed an extended video interview with Chris Evans.  Since we covered so many subjects, I broke it up into two parts.  In part one, which you can watch here, Evans talked about making Captain America: The Winter Solider, what the film is about, how it continues the love story from the first film, what it means for him to have the entire planet watching Marvel movies, if Joss Whedon has told him anything about The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Tom Hiddleston appearing as Loki at Comic-Con.

In part two, which is after the jump, Evans talks about his directorial debut 1:30 Train and what it’s about, revealing he hasn’t yet cast the female lead but filming is set to begin November 1st.  In addition, Evans talks about Dunkin Donuts finally coming back to L.A. (we’re both from New England where they are on every corner), and the recent news that The Weinstein Company might be cutting Bong Joon-ho‘s post-apocalyptic thriller, Snowpiercer, for American audiences.   While he’s careful about not saying the wrong thing, I didn’t hold back on what I thought and I think you’ll enjoy seeing his reaction.

captain-america-2-winter-soldier-chris-evansChris Evans:

  • :11 – His thoughts on Dunkin Donuts finally coming to L.A. in 2015.
  • :29 – His directorial debut 1:30 Train. “I like movies in condensed time periods, limited casts, and I love discussion.  I love dialogue, I love like Neil LaBute, I like wordy stuff.  It takes place in New York and it’s about two people who meet in a train station.  The movie opens up with a woman running to catch a train.  She’s missed it, she’s crying, she’s hysterical, she’s lost, she’s lost her purse, she’s lost her money, she’s lost her cell phone, she’s stranded.  I play a street musician and we kind of connect and spend the night kind of getting to know one another, and you find out some really interesting, beautiful, flawed things about these characters.”
  • 1:30 – He says they’re still polishing the script before they go out and cast the female lead.  Filming starts November 1st.
  • 2:00 – His thoughts on The Weinstein Company cutting 20 minutes out of Snowpiercer for its domestic release.  “I’ve heard that he’s looking to cut some things down and, you know, it’s tricky… This is the tricky part about making movies.  There’s usually a method to Harvey’s madness.  I just got back from Korea so I wanna go in and see—I’ve gotta see a lot of things and I’d love to have a discussion with him.  It’s one of those things that’s just tricky.”


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