Chris Evans to Make Directorial Debut with 1:30 TRAIN

     August 1, 2013


Though he’s currently donning the shield for the in-production sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier and will reprise the superhero role yet again early next year when filming begins on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it appears that Chris Evans has his sights set on a project that’s considerably more personal in between the Marvel pics.  Deadline reports that Evans will make his directorial debut with the drama 1:30 Train, which he intends to shoot this fall.  Evans produces and also stars in the pic, which was scripted by Ron Bass.  The film is described as a romance in the vein of Before Sunrise that focuses on “two strangers who meet in Manhattan and spend one night together as the conflicts in their own lives become the basis for their exploration of each other and themselves.”

It’s a decidedly small-scale venture for Evans, but not entirely out of character.  While the actor does swell work as Cap in the Marvel films, he’s also been stretching his acting chops on darker material like The Iceman and Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming Snowpiercer as of late.  Wonderland Sound and Vision will finance the indie 1:30 Train.

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