Director Chris McQuarrie Talks JACK REACHER, Working with Tom Cruise and Werner Herzog, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 and More

     December 19, 2012


Christopher McQuarrie brings us a violent and exciting film with a great lead character in Jack Reacher.  Tom Cruise plays the title character based on the series of novels by Lee Child, an ex-army cop who has gone off the grid and resurfaces to help solve a quintuple murder.  He enlists the help of lawyer Helen Rodin (Rosamund Pike) who has decided to defend the prisoner, despite the overwhelming objection of her father, the D.A. (Richard Jenkins) and police detective Emerson (David Oyelowo).  For more on the film, here’s six clips, over twenty images, positive early reviews, and all our previous coverage.

At the recent press day in New York, I had the chance to speak to McQuarrie about the book he based the screenplay on, how Cruise came to play Jack Reacher, what it was like to work with Werner Herzog, deleted scenes, the status of Mission Impossible 5, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Chris McQuarrie

  • Why did you pick One Shot to base the movie on
  • When did he know that he wanted Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher
  • What was it like working with Werner Herzog
  • Deleted scenes talk
  • What’s the status of Mission Impossible 5
  • Would he shoot MI:5 in IMAX like the last one
  • As a writer/director how open is he to changes on set


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