Chris Pine Exclusive Video Interview – STAR TREK

     October 27, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Earlier tonight I attended the Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills and managed to do a number of interviews on the red carpet. Over the next 24 hours you can expect all of them to be online, but up first is an interview with Chris Pine.

While most people still don’t know who Chris Pine is…that’ll all change next summer. That’s because Chris is the new Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. In fact, I’d imagine his life will change next month when the trailer is released.

But before getting to the interview…a funny story from tonight which illustrates what I just said about Chris’ life and how it’ll change.

Since I’m not Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood, I get placed pretty far back on the red carpet. I’m not complaining about this…far from it. TV shows with millions of viewers clearly deserve a better spot than But from the end of the line I can observe a few things…like who is getting stopped at every outlet and who walks the carpet without doing too many interviews.

Example. Ron Howard walked the carpet tonight and every outlet wanted a piece of him. Same with James Franco and most of the A-list actors.

But while Chris Pine was stopped a few times, it was very clear that most of the outlets had no idea Chris was the new Captain Kirk…or they just didn’t care. Because as soon as I saw Chris walking near me I practically shrieked like a little girl for the Jonas Bros. Luckily, I recently interviewed Chris for his indie movie Bottle Shock, so he wasn’t frightened and actually came over to talk.

Figured you might want to know the behind the scenes of the night…

Look for more video interviews tonight and tomorrow from the Hollywood Awards. And a big thanks to Chris for answering my questions…

Chris Pine

  • I ask if he’s heard that Kevin Smith has seen Star Trek and has sort of reviewed it
  • Fandom seems to be very excited for Star Trek, I ask if he’s feeling the love
  • I ask what he’s working on now…he says leisure time
  • While it’s a generic question….I asked what it was like to find out he’d be playing Captain Kirk and what were his experiences on set…

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