Chris Pratt Talks DELIVERY MAN, Working with Vince Vaughn and Nick Offerman, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and More

     November 19, 2013


Opening this weekend is DreamWorks comedy Delivery Man.  The film is a remake of director Ken Scott’s 2011 Canadian hit Starbuck and stars Vince Vaughn as a sperm donor who ends up being the biological father to 533 kids due to a mix up at the clinic.  Those kids are now suing to find out his identity, and Vaughn’s character sets out to become an anonymous “guardian angel” to his illegitimate children.  The film also stars Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, and Britt Robertson.  For more on Delivery Man, watch the trailer.

At the recent Los Angeles press day, I landed a video interview with Chris Pratt.  He talked about what it’s like to look like the singer from Mouse Rat, being able to work with Vince Vaughn and Nick Offerman during the past year, whether it was tough working with the kids in Delivery Man, and since he’s one of the leads in Guardians of the Galaxy (he plays Peter Quill/Star-Lord), I asked how filming went and if the film mixes in a lot of humor with the action.  Hit the jump to watch.

Chris Pratt:

  • How he looks a lot like the singer from Mouse Rat.
  • What’s it been like being able to work with Vince Vaughn and Nick Offerman in the past year?
  • What was it like working with the kids in the movie?
  • Does Guardians of the Galaxy have a lot of humor mixed with the action?


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