Chris Wedge Talks EPIC, FERNGULLY Comparison, Picking His Voice Cast, New Blue Sky Logo, Possibility of More ICE AGE

     June 2, 2013


FernGully 2.0? Perhaps a little, but director Chris Wedge’s Epic is really much more than that. After kicking off the Ice Age franchise, directing the 2005 release, Robots, and voicing Ice Age’s Scrat in between, Wedge moved on to Epic, a film inspired by William Joyce and his book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs. Epic features the voice of Amanda Seyfried as Mary Katherine, a human non-believer who shrinks down to the forest floor and is shocked to find herself face-to-face with a brigade of Leaf Men soldiers, a snail, a slug, and more creatures that should be a fraction of her size.

During my interview with Wedge, we discussed the FernGully association, how to decide between giving a character a noticeably famous voice or a famous yet less obvious one, and how an animated character may come to look like his or her real life counterpart. We also touched on Wedge’s hopes to direct again and the possible continuation of the Ice Age franchise. Hit the jump to watch the interview.

Chris Wedge:

  • Epic vs. FernGully
  • What if Epic was made at Pixar?
  • Choosing identifiable vs. unrecognizable voices for the cast.
  • When to match the look of the character to the person voicing them.
  • What’s next – hopes to direct again and possibly more Ice Age.


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