Christian Slater to Star in Adam Goldberg’s Untitled Comedy Pilot for Fox

     March 21, 2010


Christian Slater will hope that the third time’s the charm for his television career as he’s signed on to play the lead in Adam Goldberg’s untitled comedy pilot for Fox.  Slater has struck out twice before with NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy (a show worth noting if only because it made Mike O’Malley seem threatening) and ABC’s The Forgotten, which I can only remember because it’s what I turn off as soon as I’m done watching Lost.

According to THR, “the show centers on a team of twentysomething geniuses who crack security systems,” with the (obviously not twentysomething) Slater as a, “charismatic renegade who runs the Titan Team, a gruff ex-military misanthrope with a checkered past.”  The show also stars the very funny Trevor Moore, who should know from The Whitest Kids U Know and try to ignore Miss March.