Christina Hendricks Returns to Sci-Fi with Music Video for “The Ghost Inside”

     June 3, 2010

Legions of those who can appreciate hotness are in love with Christina Hendricks after seeing her on Mad Men. But Firefly fans (like myself) have been in love with her ever since “Our Mrs. Reynolds”.  The band Broken Bells have now put her in their sci-fi music video for their single, “The Ghost Inside.”  Now before you think that I’m just posting this because I think Hendricks is one of the hottest women alive, you should know that the video has good production values and the song is pretty good. Hendricks is also a damn fine actress.  Also, she’s one of the hottest women alive.

Hit the jump to check out the music video.  For those who need more than a five-minute fix of Hendricks, Mad Men returns for its fourth season on July 25th.

[Video via The Guardian]

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