Christoph Waltz Talks BIG EYES, His Admiration for Tim Burton’s Work, His Thoughts on Doing Research for a Role, SPECTRE and More

     December 26, 2014


Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) is the infamous plagiarist who pressured Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) into giving him credit for her paintings.  That probably doesn’t sound like the kind of guy you want to identify with, but Big Eyes is a Tim Burton film and as Christoph Waltz points out, Burton has an incredible ability to use his characters to tap into what’s suppressed in a viewer’s subconscious and inspire them to confront the dark sides within themselves.

With Big Eyes making its way into select theaters on December 25th, I got the chance to talk to Waltz about that as well as his prep process, his thoughts on doing research for a role and a little about his character in Spectre.  Hit the jump to check it out.

Christoph Waltz:

  • Why he likes almost every Tim Burton character.
  • Inspiring viewers to identify with Walter Keane.
  • How he prepared for Big Eyes; his thoughts on doing research for a movie.
  • Is his Bond character the head of SPECTRE?


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