Stephen Gaghan Wants Christoph Waltz for CANDY STORE; New Plot Details Emerge

     August 24, 2012


Yesterday, we reported that writer-director Stephen Gaghan (Syriana) was developing the thriller Candy Store as his next project.  Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington are apparently in early talks for the two leads in what’s described as “a crime thriller with meaty roles for the two main characters.”  Today, new details have emerged about the film.  First, it’s a high-profile magnet, and if Pitt doesn’t sign on, the list also includes Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Bradley Cooper.  Granted, these are actors on every list for high-profile movies, but it’s a telling strength of the project that Gaghan thinks he has a shot at getting them.  There’s also an offer out to Christoph Waltz to play the role of “Black Zenga.”  We don’t know anything about the character, but we do have some new details about the plot.

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Per The Wrap:

The story follows an elite, highly trained deep-cover operative who loses everything, ultimately disappearing into Brooklyn, where he must start again. He washes up as a beat cop, only to discover the global organization he was dedicated to fighting is also operating in his new backyard.

Going solely by this brief synopsis, I can’t help but think of two extremes for Candy Store.  Gaghan has the brilliance to make this global/local threat work together in a tight thriller.  But there’s also the “there are terrorists in my backyard” plot which is also used for family comedies like The Pacifier.  But I will say that I don’t think you try to get actors like Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, and Christopher Waltz for The Pacifier 2: Brooklyn Boogaloo.  Maybe Mark Dacascos.


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