Movie Talk: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ Trailer; David Ayer to Direct ‘Gotham City Sirens’

     December 14, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (December 14th, 2016) John Campea, Kristian Harloff, Jeremy Jahns, Jon Schnepp, Ashley Mova, and Wendy Lee discuss the following:

  • First trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk
  • AMC Rewind
  • Rogue One now tracking for a $150 million domestic opening

Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for Dunkirk, the World War II action-thriller from writer/director Christopher Nolan. The film chronicles the evacuation of Dunkirk, a British military operation that saved 330,000 lives as Allied soldiers were surrounded by German forces. The film stars Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy and is set to open in theaters on July 21, 2017.

According to THR, Suicide Squad director David Ayer will reunite with Margot Robbie on Gotham City Sirens, an all-female DC villains movie featuring Robbie’s Harley Quinn alongside the top female villains from the DC universe that include Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Ayer will direct and produce the project from a script by Geneva Robertson-Dworet, the screenwriter of the latest Tomb Raider reboot. The same report mentions that Suicide Squad 2 and a Deadshot spin-off are also in development, with Sirens being the farthest along in the development process. No word on a production start or release date.

Universal Pictures has announced that the launch of The Fate of the Furious trailer this past Sunday was a record-setting event. In the first 24 hours, the trailer debuted with 139 million views, breaking the previous record of 127.6 million views set by the Beauty and the Beast trailer last month. Straight Outta Compton’s F. Gary Gray directs the movie that pit Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto against the very same family he’s protected over the past seven films. It’s set for release on April 14th, 2017.


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rogue-one-poster-felicity-jonesAccording to a report from Variety, new information shows Rogue One: A Star Wars Story set to be the biggest hit of the holiday movie season with an opening domestic weekend tracking between $120 million to $150 million. It should also add another $150 million from foreign territories for a $250 to $300 million worldwide opening that will likely be the second-largest December opening in history, behind The Force Awakens’ $248 million debut.

Variety reports that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story villain Ben Mendelsohn is in negotiations to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in Lionsgate’s Robin Hood: Origins. He’ll join Taron Egerton as Robin Hood alongside Jamie Foxx’s Little John, Eve Hewson’s Maid Marian and Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlett, Robin Hood’s half-brother. Otto Bathurst is directing the movie which will center on Robin Hood, a war-hardened crusader who joins a Moorish commander in a revolt against the corrupt English monarchy.

Paramount has released a new Transformers: The Last Knight poster with the tagline, “Rethink your heroes,” a tease from the movie that sees Optimus Prime seeming to switch sides to become the bad guy. The Last Knight sees the return of Mark Wahlberg, who will star alongside Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel and Anthony Hopkins. It opens on June 23, 2017.


Luis writes:

Hey Collider! My question is, what makes a true Star Wars fan? A lot of fans, like yourselves, hate the prequels, and the Special Editions but I have to be honest, I like the prequels, and I don’t mind most of the Special Edition changes. The way I see it, Star Wars is Star Wars no matter what. I was always silent about my opinion for Star Wars and I’m constantly worried that other people (whether they are in person, or online) will accuse me of not being a “true” Star Wars fan. It would mean the world to me if you can shed some light on this situation. Help me, Collider! You’re my only hope.

Jenny writes:

Hi Collider crew,

When the Golden Globe nominations were announced, I was surprised to see that Martin Scorsese’s Silence wasn’t nominated for picture or director, even after so many critics said that it was one of Scorsese’s best in decades. That said, will this hurt its Oscar chances for a best picture/director nom? Thanks and keep doing what you do!



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