CHRONICLE Writer Max Landis Says Sequel Is Moving Forward Without Him

     July 17, 2013

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Chronicle surprised in February 2012, grossing $127 million worldwide on a $12 million budget.  Fox announced a sequel shortly after the release, hiring Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis to script the follow-up.  Development slowed over the last year and a half, though.  A rumor surfaced that Fox was unhappy with Landis’ script for Chronicle 2.  Landis responded to claim that Fox liked the script, but the dark tone raised the question, “How do we all compromise to get something we want?”

Landis and Fox were unable to find that compromise, as Landis revealed on Twitter that while Chronicle 2 is “still probably happening,” Fox hired other writers and will not be moving forward with Landis’ script.  If you are unfamiliar with Landis’ persona, he is refreshingly candid, so his Twitter stream is worth a look after the jump.


I really enjoyed Chronicle and was eager to see the dark direction Landis, a promising new voice, wanted to take the sequel.  Alas, it’s not meant to be.  If Chronicle 2 is still on the way, I believe Landis is right when he says Fox will announce more information soon—Landis may even have shortened the window.

Landis has plenty of work outside the Chronicle universe coming with several scripts in development, including a Frankenstein project starring Daniel Radcliffe.  He begins production on his directorial debut, Me Him Her, on Monday.  And Landis promises another online Superman video to follow up his viral breakdown of The Death and Return of Superman and Man of Steel.


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