Comic-Con 2011: CHUCK Panel Recap; Joshua Gomez Gets a Training Montage Set to Jeffster Tunes, Mark Hamill to Guest Star as Villain

     July 23, 2011

Comic Con 2011: Chuck – the little show that could – held its final Comic Con appearance today. The event was bittersweet as the cast reflected on memories of the show past and previewed where the show will be headed during its final year. Creator Chris Fedak promised radical and life-altering changes for Chuck this season. For more from the revealing panel, hit the jump.

The panel opened with a video of the final scene from the fourth season: Morgan (Joshua Gomez) puts on a pair sunglasses (left for Chuck) and accidentally downloads the intersect. He passes out, regains composure, looks up at Sarah, Casey, Chuck and delivers the same line Chuck did once: “Guys…I know kung fu.” From there the video skips three months ahead to Chris Fedak’s office as he talks to the studio about Josh Gomez taking over as the intersect. Things are not going well. Fedak neuroses that Gomez isn’t physically attuned to performing the stunts required. Ryan McPartlin offers advice: what Gomez needs is a training montage a la Rocky set to the ethereal tunes of Jeffster. And that’s exactly what follows. But why describe the amusing video – when you can watch it yourself:

After the video played – the cast (Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence) and creator Chris Fedak entered the stage to rapturous applause. Choice highlights from the panel below:

– Fedak stated that it was great Chuck would be able to go out on its own terms. He remembered how Alf was unceremoniously cancelled right after its finale, in which the villains captured the alien. To have the opportunity to end a story on your own terms is a rare thing in television and Fedak was just glad to have the chance to do so.

– Fedak offered a few spoilers on what can be expected from Chuck’s final season: Morgan will definitely abuse his newfound super powers while Chuck will have to rely on his natural cleverness, instead of any super human abilities, to get himself out of trouble.

– Chuck’s newly formed private spy company (Carmichael Inc.) will have to compete with other privately owned spy companies, as well as his previous CIA allies.

– Casey will get a new love interest this season – the female head of one of said competing private spy organizations.

– Jeff and Lester will break up, in turn setting up a war between the two Buy More employees.

– In the premiere episode, Mark Hamill will guest star as the villain of the week.

– Fedak promised that the final season of Chuck would bring a lot of big reveals and dramatic changes – including a major death.

– Fedak hopes to bring back Linda Hamilton one more time before the show ends.

– On the end of the show, Fedak stated that his favorite endings aren’t necessarily endings but more so a prologue to a different adventure. He stated that for Chuck there will always be a continuing adventure. The show will end with the beginning of something new.

The final season of Chuck airs on Friday’s at 8pm on NBC and it starts October 21st.

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