CHUCK Recap: “Chuck Versus the Suitcase”

     September 27, 2010


After an exciting opener for the fourth season of Chuck, the search for Chuck’s mother has come to a screeching halt almost immediately as the usual mission of the week formula has already taken over, and that’s not a bad thing. This episode has what fans of the action comedy series have come to expect: just some good fun. Never taking itself too seriously, the sex, action and comedy is amped up a bit this week by a supermodel, The Incredible Hulk and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Whether you’re just confused or keeping up just the same, hit the jump to get debriefed on Chuck’s latest mission.

Villains in Chuck are known to either be insanely hot or insanely buff. This week has both. Chuck and Sarah find themselves in pursuit of supermodel/villain Sofia, played by Karolina Kurkova, real-life supermodel/actress (and not the other way around if you catch my drift), who is in possession of GPS driven smart bullets that never miss their target. Aside from the fact that Sofia is a sexy competitor with Sarah for eye candy, she can also kick some ass. She also brings a buff but romantic bodyguard with her in the form of Lou Ferrigno. After some failed attempts (including one with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it guest appearance by Bronson Pinchot), Chuck and Sarah must head to Milan during Fashion Week (Casey can’t go because of some incident involving stabbing a guy with a stiletto) to retrieve the microchips that make the bullets smart (which they realize are hidden in a certain fashionable dress in Sofia’s possession).

Meanwhile back at the Buy More, eager-to-impress junior spy Morgan Grimes isn’t connecting well with his super-spy co-workers (including the Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa), but he may have found the key to both fitting in and a stronger cover for the CIA. Simply put, the Buy More is just too efficient (as Morgan randomly throws around different products for acrobatic spies to grab in mid-air with choreographed precision). But that’s not the Buy More way. So with a bit of convincing, Morgan is allowed to bring back all the Buy More rejects including Jeff and Lester (who have been on the run thinking they blew up the store themselves last season). You’ve never seen a better slow-motion entrance set to Alice Cooper’s Frankenstein, complete with Morgan holding a big fan and thus potentially revealing the source of all the wind that blows whenever hot ladies enter the store any other time.


Cut back to Milan where some great spy work and one sexy underwear shot of Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) has resulted in Sofia’s violent pursuit of her microchip-holding dress which has since become Sarah’s wardrobe. And instead of doing a little turn on the catwalk, there’s a huge fight that spans from the dressing room to the fashion show complete with flashing cameras all around. Fashion Week has never been so entertaining.

Chuck vs. Sarah – This week’s couple argument between our two favorite spy lovers revolves around Chuck’s uneasy feelings about Sarah’s inability to unpack her things and officially move in to Chuck’s place. Their argument makes for some playful banter on the mission, a situation made even more tense by the fact that their villain of the week is a sexy supermodel who manages to get herself naked whilst taking Chuck hostage for a few moments. Of course all is well by the end of the episode when Sarah actually unpacks her suitcase and Chuck stumbles upon a photo that goes everywhere with her. As Sarah so charmingly says to Chuck, “You’re my home.” Chuck yet again fails to let his paranoia and insecurity ruin his relationship with Sarah until he takes things too far (like all guys seem to do) and starts rambling about marriage and babies. I guess that’s a bridge that we’ll cross later this season.

THE FINAL WORD: Though Chuck’s mission to find his mother has taken a back seat to the traditional mission-of-the-week formula, all the partial nudity, action and romantic comedy are back in full, satisfying force. Since the second episode after a season premiere is all about getting things back to normal after a world-shattering season finale and teasing season premiere, Chuck‘s second installment of its fourth season comes up with a great way to get the Buy More back to its secondhand standards and keep Chuck and Sarah’s relationship interesting despite the fact that they are officially together.