Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson Hired to Pen CLASH OF THE TITANS 2

     June 11, 2010

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have paired screenwriters Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson to write Clash of the Titans 2Heat Vision reports that the two will work on the treatment with writer Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern) and then go off to write the screenplay.  It’s rare to bring separate writers together for a project.  Usually, a studio will hire one writer and then another writer with a different expertise to work on a particular aspect of the script.  Mazeau is known for writing exciting set pieces while Johnson’s area of expertise is writing darker characters, like last year’s (widely-ridiculed) Orphan.  The hope is that bringing them together will streamline the process and create a cohesive narrative.

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The larger question regarding Clash 2 is whether they’ll stick to the script.  It was obvious that the first Clash had been hacked together along the way and the result was a mess.  The shoddy 3D-conversion didn’t help, but at least this time around they’ll be shooting in 3D.  The studio is also considering director Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls) to take the helm since Louis Leterrier decided not to return for the sequel.

The rush to put all this together is because they want to release the film as early as spring 2012.  They also want to get Sam Worthington before the actor fills his schedule with one of his many other projects. Gemma Arterton is also expected to return for the new film.  No word yet if Clash of the Titans 2 will be releasing another kraken.

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