Claude Lelouch Exclusive Video Interview – ROMAN DE GARE

     May 16, 2008

I see a lot of movies. Unfortunately, that makes it very difficult for any filmmaker to pull the wool over my eyes and deliver a surprise. I tend to see everything being set up and I usually know the ending prior to the last reel.

And that’s why I enjoyed Claude Lelouch’s new movie “Roman De Gare.” Every time he sets something up, the payoff isn’t what you’d normally get. Also, every storyline has an unexpected twist. For anybody who watches a lotof films,it’s a greatsurprise. And if you don’t believe my opinion…the film currently has a 84% on Rotton Tomatoes. That’s a very good number.

Anyway, the film premiered at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and it’s just now playing in New York and Los Angeles. To help promote the movie, I recently interviewed the great French filmmaker and it’s below. Also, if you missed the movie clips you can watch them here.

And for those that haven’t heard of the movie, here’s the synopsis:

In the still of the night, three lives are about to cross…a woman abandoned, a stranger awaiting his chance and, a best-selling author who imagines the thriller of the year. Deceptively layered and intriguingly misleading, this highly anticipated new film from Oscar-winning director Claude Lelouch (A MAN AND A WOMAN) stars Dominique Pinon and Fanny Ardant as an unlikely pair caught up in a game with high stakes – and deadly consequences.

Claude Lelouch

  • What was his motivation for using a fake name when making the movie

  • How did he come up with the movie and the way it works

  • He talks about using real life when writing

  • He talks about his next project

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