Clive Owen Replaces Paul Walker in PROTECTION

     January 21, 2010


While Production Weekly tweeted about it yesterday afternoon, Empire Online confirms that Clive Owen will replace Paul Walker in the action-thriller, Protection.  The film has also changed up its directors with Patrick Alessandrin (District 13: Ultimatum) replacing Simon West (Tomb Raider).  Working off a screenplay by Brendan Noonan, the story follows, “a Special Forces soldier facing down Mexican gangs to rescue a judge’s daughter.”  Clearly, it was the blazing originality of the project that attracted Owen.  But with Owen, you usually get one good movie to balance out the bad one.  Last year, folks suffered through The International, but there was also the enjoyable Duplicity.  That’s not to say that Protection will be terrible, but he also’s doing Trust, which is about a family that’s blindsided when they discover that their daughter is the victim of an online sexual predator.  I’m sure Owen will probably kick some ass in both films, but I think Trust offers a more interesting “Why” than Protection.

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