CLONE WARS Gets A Second Run On TNT

     January 29, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

George Lucas, the man formerly known as the genius who brought us “Star Wars”, “American Graffiti” and the magic of ILM, has more recently become known as the man who takes his successful properties and then beats them into the ground until they are unrecognizable masses only useful as objects of disdain and/or pity.

While I hope I’m wrong, this seems to be the path he is once again taking with his successful “Clone Wars” cartoon – The Cartoon Network series produced by Lucas Animation that is enjoying unprecedented success during its current run on the cable channel. With a little success now under his expanding belt, Lucas is bringing “Clone Wars” to an even wider audience – TNT. The basic-cable home of the endless “Law & Order” marathon, TNT will premiere the first two episodes of “Clone Wars” back-to-back on February 14th right after the NBA All-Star game. After that, the series will find a regular home on Wednesdays at 10pm beginning on February 18th.

I like the latest “Clone Wars” but I see enough of it already on Cartoon Network – they seem to run it an awful lot, especially on Fridays. I guess there are still some “Star Wars” fans that haven’t discovered the show on CN, but I have a feeling Lucas is going after a whole new demographic here: the beer and nacho demographic that will probably be too drunk to change the channel after an NBA game.. If that is the case, I’m not sure why he didn’t sell the rights to his “Clone Wars” feature to TNT first – those sports guys would have loved Ziro!

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