Watch: ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ Trailer Reveals J.J. Abrams’ ‘Cloverfield’ Follow-Up—Surprise!

     January 15, 2016


If you thought J.J. Abrams was going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in peaceful seclusion for the next six months, you thought wrong. The filmmaker and Paramount Pictures had a very sneaky surprise up their sleeves tonight in the form of the teaser trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane. Yes, you read that right. As we reported earlier, the secret Bad Robot movie directed by Dan Trachtenberg and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, and John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom) is not titled Valencia, but is in fact the long-promised follow-up to director Matt Reeves’ 2008 found footage monster movie.

So is this the long-promised sequel to Cloverfield? Maybe. Earlier this evening, Abrams provided us with the exclusive comment below:

“The idea came up a long time ago during production. We wanted to make it a blood relative of Cloverfield. The idea was developed over time. We wanted to hold back the title for as long as possible.”

The delineation of “blood relative” seems to suggest this isn’t a direct sequel, but instead simply takes place in the same universe as Cloverfield. Regardless, the trailer is fantastic. Watch it below, followed by more information on the film.


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We spoke with star Mary Elizabeth Winstead last year who, while not saying that she was in a Cloverfield movie, did reveal that the film only has three actors and a simple premise:

“It’s basically my character wakes up in a cellar and I’m being kept down there by John Goodman. He tells me that basically the world is over outside because there’s been a nuclear fall-out. It does have similarity to Faults, in some ways, because you don’t know who’s telling the truth or who to believe. There’s a lot of, who’s manipulating who, and all of that. Tonally, it’s very different, but it has some of those same themes.”

Indeed, this trailer starts out hunky dory before we slowly being to realize that things are, well, not hunky dory at all. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who gained attention for his short film Portal: No Escape, the picture also boasts a screenplay by Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken, and Whiplash writer/director Damien Chazelle. Chazelle’s involvement, as revealed in this trailer, is new information, and it’s not hard to see why Abrams and the film’s team figured he’d be a swell fit for this tonally.

How great is it that Abrams and Co. were able to keep this thing under wraps before dropping a surprise trailer, just as they did with the original Cloverfield back in 2008? That is incredibly rare nowadays, and moreover, the movie looks genuinely good. Only two weeks into the New Year and it’s already time to restructure that most anticipated list.

10 Cloverfield Lane opens in theaters on March 11th of this year.


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