Watch the Cast of ‘The Intervention’ Show off Their Fake Sneeze and Vomit Skills

     August 23, 2016

Actress Clea DuVall makes her feature writing and directorial debut with The Intervention. She also stars in the movie alongside Melanie Lynskey, Natasha Lyonne, Ben Schwartz, Alia Shawkat and Jason Ritter as a group of friends who decide to stage a marriage intervention for their friends Ruby and Pete, played by Cobie Smulders and Vincent Piazza.

With the film arriving in select theaters and On Demand on August 26th, I got the chance to sit down with DuVall, Smulders, Piazza, Lynskey, Schwartz, Shawkat and Ritter for a round of our movie version of the game Would You Rather. They choose between messing up takes themselves or having someone else ruin their best take, working with a method actor versus working with someone who improvises all the time, and more. You can catch it all in the video interview at the top of this article. (Be sure to watch out for one brand new Would You Rather question that’s officially my favorite. Hint – you really can’t miss it.)

Here’s the official synopsis for The Intervention:

When four couples meet for a weekend away together, an attempt to run a “marriage intervention” goes hilariously wrong as everyone is forced to confront the secrets and fears that seem to be holding them back from finding happiness with each other.

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